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Insurance companies are playing games with your reimbursement rate.
Unlock the strategies to beat them at their own game, and WIN fee increases.

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Types of Practices We Help

Dental PPO fee negotiations

Start-Up Dental Practices

Are you looking to build a practice? During the discovery session, we learn your business plan and demographics of the area you are looking to build the practice. We not only assist you in establishing the UCR fees, but also assist you in determining which networks to join and which not to join, and educate you as to the reasons why. We believe in strategic partnerships, and will equip you with insights on which networks to embrace and which to avoid. Our aim? To ensure your start-up practice is positioned for growth, profitability, and long-term success.

Established PPO Practices

Is your practice participating with 2 or more PPO groups? Are you currently writing off 35% or more with the PPO groups you are currently in network with? Do you have multiple Dental Associates and uncertain if they have the same level of participation with PPO groups? Are the EOB’s showing your dental providers are being reimbursed at different fees? We assess your current fee reimbursement and identify a strategy that will increase the practices claim reimbursement by a minimum of 23%.

Dental Fee Negotiations
PPO Negotiations

Multi-Location & Multi-Provider

Are you a multi-location or multi-provider dental practice looking for more control over your reimbursement rates? Do you desire increased profitability, and improved relationships with insurers and patients? Do you feel negotiating with PPO providers is a daunting task if done alone? What would it mean to you and your practice if you added 3, 5, 10 or even 15 points to your collection percentage?

Dental Services Organization (DSO)

Dental support organizations (DSO) can benefit tremendously from partnering with a company to negotiate PPO dental insurance. Working with a knowledgeable and experienced PPO negotiation team, such as PPO Negotiation Solutions, can help you get the most out of your PPO contracts and increase reimbursement revenue.

Dental Services Organization (DSO)
PPO Negotiations

Looking To Purchase A Practice

Is your current practice “Fee for Service” and looking to purchase a 2nd practice that has “in network” status, and you need assistance in understanding how to leverage participation with various PPO groups to increase fee reimbursement? Do the associates of the practice you are looking to purchase writing off over 32% due to their participation with various PPO Networks? In either scenario, learning how to leverage and optimize a practice’s participation with various PPO networks and terminating participation with others in order to increase a practice’s claim reimbursement can be confusing. It definitely requires a high level of understanding and knowledge of how PPO networks work and outsourcing the process to Strategic Practice Solutions can be not only a huge time saver but also would yield a more favorable and profitable outcome.

Fee For Service Practices

Are you considering to join or add additional PPO participation to your practice? We evaluate the reasons behind your interest in joining or obtaining more PPO participation. We evaluate potential participation options so you can make informed decisions.

PPO Negotiations
PPO Negotiations

Practice Looking To Add An Associate

Do you have multiple Dental Associates and uncertain if they have the same level of participation with PPO groups? Are the EOB’s showing your dental providers are being reimbursed at different fees? Are you looking to add another dentist to your practice? Credentialing with PPO’s can be a huge burden, especially if not done and monitored correctly. Incorrect & incomplete application; not to mention an associates participation levels from previous employers, can make the process even more challenging. Outsourcing the credentialing process can not only be a huge time saver but also reduces the risk of errors and reduce the risk of an associate being assigned reduced fees.

Need Credentialing Help?

PPO Negotiation Solutions can be a huge time saver when it comes to the credentialing process. We will manage your credentialing from A to Z, removing the stress and time involved. If you are taking over another practice, adding new plans or hiring an associate we are here to help.


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