Insurance companies are playing games with your reimbursement rate.

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PROBLEM: Dr. Latinis & his staff were unaware of the pitfalls of PPO layering, rented networks & how much money they were losing. They didn’t realize they could choose the PPOs they participate with.

SOLUTION: PPO Negotiation Solutions opened their eyes to our process that examines their patient participation & fee schedules to plan for optimizing their participation in their top networks. They were kept appraised of progress at each step.

RESULTS: Reimbursement revenue increased by nearly 20% & their insurance coordinator now rules.

PROBLEM: Ann Marie thought that she knew insurance, because she was the one that talks to them. She was afraid that they would lose patients if they increased their fee schedules. She wasn’t aware of the PPO games being played.

SOLUTION: We provided fresh set of eyes to thoroughly analyze her PPO participation & renegotiate their fee schedules without losing patients, but instead gaining some.

RESULTS: We produced a 20% increase in reimbursement revenue. She wished she did it 10 years ago. They lost nearly $1,000,000 by waiting.

PROBLEM: When he began his practice in 2011, Dr. Janahgiri signed up with all the PPO companies because he wanted to make sure he had fast growth in his practice. 

SOLUTION: Tricia and the PPO Negotiation Solutions team were referred to Dr. Janahgiri by one of his billing specialists.  We presented Dr. Janahgiri a very comprehensive plan and timeline for renegotiating his PPO fees.

RESULTS: At the time Dr. Janahgiri engaged with us, he was writing off 40-50% of his regular fee schedule.  With PPO Negotiation Solutions help, Dr. Janahgiri has been able to double his monthly production and has additional resources to re-invest into the practice in the form of technology, equipment, and marketing.


Did you know…

Dentists write off nearly 40% in PPO reimbursements. That’s nearly $4,000 of every $10,000 you make on insured patients!

Did you know it takes over 30 hours to complete credentialing for a dental office?

7 out of 10 dental startups do not set their UCR fees correctly.

With our PPO Negotiation Solution, we…

Our Mission

It is our #1 Goal at PPO Negotiation Solutions to enrich dental practices, not only through increasing their revenue, but also their understanding, while streamlining processes for optimal day to day well being.

Our Mission
Our Mission
Our Mission

“We level the playing field between dentists and insurance companies”

Strategic Practice Solutions and PPO NEGOTIATION SOLUTIONS are expert at handling PPO negotiation and participation optimization. After 30 years of experience, we have an impeccable reputation and we have it down to a science.

Here’s what we do and how we outperform any other PPO negotiator.

STARTUP practice

So, whether you are a… new STARTUP practice, where we can set you on the most profitable and confident path right from the start…



A SEASONED PRO with many associates, or even thinking of expanding, where we help you avoid pitfalls & optimize your fee schedules and claims…

Even if you are TOTALLY OUT OF NETWORK, we can often negotiate fees higher than your standard fees, putting you IN NETWORK and able to attract far more new patients.
PPO NEGOTIATION SOLUTIONS helps you operate with PPOs from a position of power!

Are you tired of losing money at the rate of the US debt calculator?

You could be losing up to $385 each day or $10,000 each month for up to $100,000 annually. These losses add up quickly over time:

3 years = $300,000
5 years = $500,000
10 years = $1,000,000

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